I have been using contact lenses for years but a couple of months ago, I decided to go back to old school eyeglasses because I had contracted a terrible eye infection and would not want to damage it further. I needed to do something about it since eyes is important for me to function well at work and at home. I decided to go old school but not look old so I searched for ¬†frames that would look nice on me and not make me look 10 years older than my age. I was also looking for a durable eyewear since I’ll be using it a lot at work and while traveling (not to mention it should endure a preschooler’s presence at all times!). I opted to have the lenses chip free too, a bit expensive but it’s worth it in the long run.

It has been months since I got my eyeglasses and I’m not sure I’m digging the look since I found out about www.glasses.com. I had a look at the frames there and saw several eyeglasses that I want. The price is cheaper than the unbranded one I got! It’s so convenient to shop from them since they have huge selections of eyeglasses or even sunglasses. You can choose according to colors, price range, shape of your face, brands, etc.

I think my husband needs a new pair of men’s eyeglasses for Christmas and I know now where to get it! Keep your eyesight sharp and clear by taking care of your eyes at all times. Go and see an eye doctor once you feel there’s something wrong with your vision.