Most of us have seen depression but not all of us know it or rather…. not all of us accept it.

Most of us feel depressed at some point but not all of us can differentiate if it’s from a mental disorder or just a passing emotion.

I have personally been exposed to depression early on and knew how to really label it and then recognize it. I have friends who are chronically depressed and are diagnosed. I have relatives who are too.

But it was only recent that I have to face it with someone younger than me and someone we have to take under our wings. It is a hard journey for us but we’re dealing with it just fine.

I can only imagine how it is for the depressed person. How he/she deals with it on a daily basis.

Let me tell you straight that your words, your love, your affection are not enough to help a depressed person. You have to accept the fact, take it to the professionals, believe them and make peace with your new reality. And then, only then can you move on and create your new normal.

It saddens me that there are still people who stay ignorant to mental illness in general, depression especially. It pains me to see people who think that depression is something one can sleep off and wake up feeling better and refreshed. Even after seeing that the depressed person almost ended his/her life.

I’m lucky my parents are open minded and have accepted depression as a serious mental illness and that a clinical depressed person needs another level of care, love and understanding.

Fast forward to today, it was easier for me to care for a depressed person when no one else would. When difficult situations arise, I have the tenacity to be stronger for the person and stronger than the inner demons that haunt the depressed person day in and day out.

Professional help is also necessary. Seek the opinion of Psychiatrists and push past the taboo of consulting one. Ask around for doctors that will really help you and if you think that the first one isn’t the best doctor for your situation, move on to the next. Until you find one that truly syncs with your “needs”.