Note: this has been rotting on my draft box so I decided to go and post it even if it’s too late.

It took me so long to finally muster my strength to type and render my final bow as a Lady Blade Knight, as a GuildMaster, as a buffer and as a foe. I realized how hard it is to let go of a “game” that has been with me for almost 4 (or is it 5??) years. A game where I met friends who came and left, friends who stuck all through out, and friends whom I never met in real life.
What took me away from this game? Is it because I am a full time mummy now? I don’t think so. I have time to update my blog and lurk at forums don’t I? Or is it simply because I grew tired of the monotonous life inside the game? I guess, it’s because the fire inside me burned out, the fire which kept me playing EVERY SINGLE DAY for almost 5 years!Well, maybe once in a while the old “renzalc” will be back but not as a strong fighter as she was once.

There are things I’d like to say to my friends that I cannot say (or refuse to) personally… because I might not be able to hold back and ruin my farewell speech with my tears!
My Drakken family. Thank you for the friendship that stuck through even after the fire burned out on most of us. Thank also you for the good and bad times we had. It was a joy for me to go online everyday knowing I have friends like you guys. There was never a dull moment being a Drake. Clean fun all the time. Well except when 12 midnight struck and MIDNIGHT MADNESS begins…Thank you for putting up with my mood swings and my “katarayans”. We’ve shared a lot of things in game and in real life. We are each others’ wall whom we bent our frustrations with. Renz will always be here for you guys. It’s time for me to step down and watch you on the side while some of you continue to soar.

To those who came and left… moderator1,emerson,Patricia,spongebob (bob and sam), Illumina family. We were friends for a short period but I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for accepting my newbie Elf. =_= I hope you’ll always remember we were once friends.

Randomly, Lew– we’ll still be friends for the rest of our parenthood lives =_= lol.
Alvin aka Baps– always happy to chat with you almost everyday heheh..
Veejay aka jasper (for me)– Thank you so much for the friendship. I love you to the max! =_=
Sir sai– life’s boring without you Ser!!!
Klauss– For the unending support…hats off…
Leo the chickboi– if not for MU…wala kang kaibigan like me…lol.
Mike (alag)– there has been a falling out but I guess it’s over now.
Mike(marxist)– nandyan ka lang naman lagi sa baba hehehehe…
Joel– Ikaw rin naman..Pero salamat sa inyong dalawa. sana mag enjoy pa kayo sa MU.

Eventhough most of the guys I mentioned above won’t be able to read this, still I want to make my message across….Malay ko…somehow mabasa nila…