>First I’d like to post a fanfic story my hubbie composed… I think it’s just proper to begin a long and hard farewell post to a game I played for 4 years. A game which gave me more than just weapons, jewels, prime items…but friends whom I will never know if not for this game.

After defeating Diablo, my wife and I wandered around in search for more power. We travelled to a continent where we saw more people than we ever did before, situated in one area doing their business. We found out that the power we had we’re no use to this land, and so we settled and tried our luck on this land. We saw different people speaking different languages. Even though there were a few jobs posted, the community was alive. One day, as I was resting in a town in the winter mountains, I saw 2 great men wearing gold shiny armors. One was flying with wings with that of a bat. The other one on the ground wounded. The wounded warrior had a crest on his right shoulder, an image of a wolf. The winged warrior was laughing and mocking him. I took pity on the man, but since I was new in the place I placed my attention elsewhere. After 15 days from our arrival, some one was shouting. I never saw the man but I could hear him clearly, like a golden voice ringing inside my mind. There will be a migration and each citizen who wish to migrate must register. I took my wife immediately by the hand and went to the place where we could register our names. We were so alienated in this land, we barely get enough gold to earn a living, so we thought of going along with the migration. After a month, we travelled to a province called maya. It was very much similar to the previous land we came from. Here in this province, we were able to progress in our skills. Me and my wife, knights in this new found land. We worked hard.

After a long day of training in the upper winter mountains, I rested on a stump beside a small castle in the western side. There were a lot of people fighting, men and women, elves, wizards and knights. I asked a bystander “what seems to be the problem with them? why are they fighting?” The young warrior said, “It is a guild war don’t you know? guilds and clans waige war against each other to prove which guild is stronger”. That moment on, an idea sparked in my mind. I joined a guild with a despotic leadership, war and cheating is all they could think. I was glad I never invited my wife to join this guild. After a few weeks I grew tired. I left the guild.

In our search of power, I saw a new order. I was tired of being a knight already, and so I trained to be a magic gladiator. My wife remained a knight and I became a gladiator. While searching for jewels and gold, I met someone in the swamps of Kalima. He was also hunting for jewels and gold. Suddenly, we had a common target. A monster that is frog-like yet humanoid. We had a fight due to that. After minutes of quarelling, A winged knight came, wearing a gold armor and bearing the crest of the dragon on his right shoulder. “Enough fighting!” he said. “We are not enemies here, the true enemy lies here deeper into the swamps, we must not waste our energy quarelling.” From that moment, I saw a different prespective about the land. I thought that the land was as chaotic as the realms we entered before, yet here are people who knew a better a cause. We had a truce and as a matter of fact the winged knight even invited me and my wife to join his clan. We met new friends and we now have a family. After a few months there was another migration, the province of maya and wiggle are forced to move to a new and bigger province…Titan.

In the land of Titan, Our leader, the Vampiric Knight of the Dragon order, forged alliance with several guilds and became a general. I always thought gold was the color of a true leader…and I wished I could wear one, since I saw a lot of generals wearing gold armors and wing with that of a Dragon. The only Armor I had was silver and the only wing I have is black, for I am a gladiator, I forgot about my knighthood already. As I was walking along our camp, I saw a familiar face. It was the knight with the wolf crest before, but now he was wearing crimson armor and flying with a large wing on his back. After the migration, I saw him more often than before. Every battle that we wage, every castle that we sieged, he was there guiding us. During times of peace he would also teach us about how to improve our daily living, to improve relationships. Everybody was busy. Until one night, my leader, the Vampiric knight called me to join him inside a secret chamber. Upon entering, I saw all the great leaders of the alliance. I asked him,”why am I here? did I do something wrong?” he said,”no, don’t worry. I asked you to come with me because you are called to do some tasks. I am embodied with a mission elsewhere and I might not be able to fulfill my responsibilities as a leader, so you are now being introduced as the new leader of the order of the Dragon, you shall be promoted to Colonel. You shall lead our clan into battle from this day on,” and so I did. I led the clan and followed the alliance. There were reports coming to me that the great leader was wounded and needed to rest for a while. We all continued to do our jobs and also waited for the return of the great leader.

After months of waging war, forging alliances and seiging castles. The day we’ve all been waiting for came….In a few hours we will be reclaiming the castle that was once ours. It was the largest castle in the whole continent, It was a symbol of power. I stood on top of the valley and saw the number of my clan, and the vast number of the whole alliance. I blinked my eyes once and then, I didn’t see warriors, but friends, brothers and sisters, a family. Because then I realized that thru every challenge we faced, they were still there. In the absence of riches and gold and jewels, they remained in our side. Before dawn today…we will all fly all at the same time once again…we will try our luck once more. My quest for power ended by the great friendship that I have with my huge family now. Tomorrow morning may become a new day.. a start of a new era.

— MG_Shin of the DRakes