>This is a story about my friend whom we are going to call, BM (banana man).

I’ve met BM through an online game 5 years ago and we’ve been friends since then. Over the years, I’ve grown closer to him because of the values he possess. And this post proves how good a person he is. BM invited us to his daughter’s first birthday celebration yesterday (Sunday). I realized that there were no other guests on my friend’s side aside from us (T, P and me). He then explained that in order to save money he opted not to invite anyone from his side since his wife’s family is more than enough. It struck me that our presence meant so much to him and I realized even the simplest form of gesture could make someone happy.

I pried some more since I felt something was wrong. BM told me that he and his wife have been feeding his wife’s family. He even has to pay his mother-in-law for taking care of his daughter when he and his wife work. In fairness to his wife, she works at home on her free time to earn extra. BM has sidelines too.
BM told me he wishes to live somewhere else for so many reasons. (the neighborhood that they’re in isn’t a good community for his daughter to grow up into).
I said with their income, in a year they can move out. But he said he needed to give his family in law their starting capital for a FAMILY business…WHAT?!

According to him, he has to set that up for his in-laws first before he can save up for theirs….

How many husbands are willing to do that for their wives today?

“I can’t choose who my family will be but I can choose my friends. Thanks for being one.” –BM