Fanny Serrano Endorses NovuHair

Novuhair is your answer to hair loss problem. Even hair and make up icon, Fanny Serrano, believes that Novuhair actually works and he has proven its effectiveness by using it for a few months before agreeing to be its official endorser.

Tita Fanny happily shared how he tried several hair loss treatment products that promised results but not one of them passed his standards. Then one day he was offered to try Novuhair and when he did he was surprised that the product actually worked. He then gave samples to his assistants and asked them to use it and give an honest feedback.  The result was all positive, the assistants were happy and were eager to share it with their salon customers.


Novuhair boasts of its all natural ingredients. It is a topical scalp lotion and a concoction of earth-grown ingredients which include moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, biotin, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, lemon grass oil and coconut oil. Each ingredient helps improve blood circulation to the scalp and increase nutrition to hair follicles, as well as improve scalp scaling and prevent early graying of hair.

Ask Tita Fanny about Novuhair and he will gingerly say, “After a long search, finally, a product I can trust”.

And you can stop searching too. Start using Novuhair today.

Visit their website, and learn more about the product.


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  1. joyfelizardo says:

    Now I'm actually using it, hope it does what it says…and now I have a product to recommend to my dad!

  2. Ila Cortez says:

    I had extreme hair loss after that time I used a "hair spa treatment" i bought from Watsons! I was so disappointed! During that time every time I comb my hair as I remember a handful of hair or more breaks out! I hate that product though I can't remember exactly the name coz I junked it 3 days after my 1st use. I have used it only once, can you imagine that? And then after a month of so I heard my friends were talking about Novuhair as they have seen it being shown on tv and immediately I rushed to Watsons and bought a bottle of Novuhair amounting to P3,850. Considering that it is a bit expensive I divided the content of the 200ml bottle into halves and add same volume of water for every half. I use it twice a day, once after my morning bath, and another before bedtime. I don't rinse it. I have been using it for almost a month now! I SWEAR TO GOD and ALL OTHER GODS NOVUHAIR IS A MIRACLE! Again NOVUHAIR IS A MIRACLE! Even during the first week of use I have noticed hair growth and even noticed that my hair became thicker because those balding part of my scalp has been filled now with new hair! My hair is shinier now. For just less than a month I have seen huge results, I will attest to this fact. I was even thinking that I would be very glad and privileged to put this comment in every Novuhair review blog here on the net free of charge as a way of gratitude for this product. To those who have hair loss problem, worry not anymore because God has sent us answer to our prayers—NOVUHAIR!!!

  3. Ila Cortez says:

    I am sorry I failed to edit my previous comment I stand corrected, i bought Novuhair for P2850 and NOT P3850!

    • renzalcantara says:

      Hello Amer,

      NovuHair is available on all Mercury Drug Stores nationwide. You can also buy it from Cory Quirino's World of Wellness stores.

    • renzalcantara says:

      Hi Mabeth,

      Last I heard, Novuhair is going global. Soon (if not yet) it will be available in DBX. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by!

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