For tea lovers, Figaro has the perfect surprise for you. They came up with the yummiest blends of Philippines’ very own herbal tea such as Sambong, Lagundi, Pito-pito and Banaba all are infused with key ingredients to make it healthier and yummier.


The weather sometimes calls for a warm cup of tea and what better way to do it but by having a healthy and yummy Figaro tea blend. The Figaro Herbal Tea Blends can be bought for P450 per box of 15. If you’re in the coffee shop, you can order it for P85 (8 oz) and P105 (12 oz).

Choose among the 4 variants of Figaro Herbal Tea blends:

Banaba flavor was blended with tarragon, anise and grape making it taste better. Banaba is known to reduce blood sugar level and promotes proper blood circulation.

Lagundi flavor was blended with orange and mint flavor. It’s known to keep cough and flu at bay. Perfect for our crazy weather! The smell of this blend actually perks me up…it must be the orange!

Sambong flavor was blended with basil and lemon. You can say bye-bye to migraine with this tea. It’s comforting and soothing!

Pito-pito flavor was blended with dill and sweet mango. The taste is really different from what you (or we) know. It’s not bitter at all!

Honestly, I was hesitant to try the different blends because I don’t like the smell or the taste of the herbal tea that I’ve had in the past. This was really a treat for me since it really tasted good and smelled good! My favorite is Banaba! It’s just right even without adding sugar. No bitter taste or tarty after taste. I recommend the tea blends for tired Moms who wants to calm their nerves and relax a bit. Go ahead and just try it and tell me what you like best.

And lastly, Figaro launched their premium coffee beans:


Figaro Coffee beans are priced from P260-280 depending on the variety and flavor. I haven’t tried them yet so I can’t say which is my favorite.