If there’s anything that I got with this challenge, it’s the discipline that comes with the routine. You should have the discipline to continue on the workout and the program given to achieve your goals. Then there’s the will to do more and push more when you think you’ve reached the plateau stage because believe me, it happens.

After 4 weeks in the MetaFit program, I lost a total of 5lbs and honestly that’s huge achievement for me since I literally do nothing and still eat the same amount of food I used to. I’m just glad I lost even few pounds. I’d still do it even after the challenge to continually lose weight. It works for me because it does not require more than an hour of going to and fro the gym and spending more than an hour at the gym. I value my time so much and with my work, I am paid by the hour so lost hours means lost moolah for moi.

Here’s my before and after:

I hope you could see that my arms are less flabbier and my face…oh my face! I’m less of a siopao now! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on the chubby side but I’m less chubbier than a month ago and that’s just spending 4 minutes of workout per day.

I think what slowed my progress is that I didn’t count the weekends as part of my program. I didn’t do binge eating on weekends just that I skipped the routine to allow myself to recuperate for 5 days of doing the routine.

You  think that 4 minute of exercise per day is easy? Wait till you try the routine! Plus the principle here is to do the exercises as fast as you can in 4 minutes. That is pushing and pushing yourself to the limit. You know you’re doing it right when in your 2 minutes of doing it, you feel like giving up, throwing up and fainting! lol.  No seriously, you’re supposed to feel nauseated and dizzy after doing the routine. When you do, you’re advised to lie down and prop your feet up to let the blood drain back to your brain.

This is me doing the routine:


It was really hard and it took A LOT of will power to continue with the challenge. Half way, I was in the verge of giving up because the scale wasn’t moving even after pushing myself to the limit. Immuvit did help me a lot too. It gave me the energy I needed to do the routine and still have the same energy to take on my usual tasks for the day.

So what’s Immuvit? It’s a supplement that counters and delays your somatopause. Somatopause is the gradual decrease of production of  growth hormone by your body which means an increase in your adopise tissue and decrease in lean body mass. Read more about the benefits of Immuvit to your body here.

Learn the 4 minute workout with Immuvit and see where it leads you.