Finally we’ve settled at our little place. I could see through the clutter.

But day by day I still struggle to make our place as pretty and clean as possible.

At night I scrub the floor with my “magic” cleaning concoction because I hate to

See smudges on the floor. (OC????)…..

The place is so small we couldn’t even set Peaches’ crib anymore so she has to stay

On our bed instead. >.

Worse, it adds up to the clutter. (although a part of me hates to sell it)

Not that I’m complaining. Mom said I should adjust.

I am trying and I guess bit by bit I’m succeeding.

We don’t have our internet connection yet. (after 48 years…)

PLDT line isn’t even here yet (as per manong guard)

So to kill boredom, I watch the local channels at night.

I’ve learned to appreciate LOBO and MY GIRL.

In fairness they make me empathize with the characters

Making it ( I think) an effective teleserye.

I’ve become an ABS- CBN fan since I like most of their

Teleserye(s) compared to GMA.

I don’t like Joaquin Bordado.

With that of Babangon ako’t dudurugin kita, the show

Is so overrated it has nothing on it but violence.

Dyesebel is quite so-so but then if you watch the whole episode

It’s dragging. Like after a commercial you wouldn’t mind missing

The next scene.

Unlike LOBO and MY GIRL, it makes you want to finish the whole episode

And when the ABANGAN thingy comes out, you’ll look forward

To it’s next episode.

If I am reeeeeeeeaaallly reaaallly bored.

I flip the channel on to 27.

And watch what the guards (at the lobby) are doing.

Hehehhe..sometimes they’re doing funny things because some

Of them are unaware that there’s a cam connected to every unit.

Hehehehe spy.

Oh well.

Bye for now!