>Financial Freedom for 2009


That’s one of my goal this year. It’s hard to attain for a single earning unit like us, that’s why correct and effective budgeting is a crucial task for me. Budgeting has been an ordeal for a while but as I learned to managed our finances it became a little less difficult. But did you know that there’s a software available in the market that can help us with our personal budget? It’s called You Need A Budget (YNAB) Pro software and it’s a spreadsheet that helps us manage our finances in an easy and hassle free way. It encourages us to follow their 4 rules which are: 1. Stop living paycheck to paycheck (this is definitely us) 2. Give every dollar a job 3. Prepare for Rain (especially when you have kids) and 4. Roll with the Punches
This budget software is attested by many who tried it and it worked for them. It made their lives easier and of course they became financially stable. As this program gives us rules, it’s because it’ll encourage us to be disciplined and focused on our goals. And most specially this software promises to ease our stress from trying to make both ends meet.

With the economic crisis and all, we badly need this kind of software to help us get by. Go check it out. It might help you and your family.

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