Did you know that most fire incidents in the Philippines are caused by neglected appliances and faulty electrical wiring? Most people use electrical equipment to prepare food, cool off from the hot weather and entertain themselves. If these appliances are abused or neglected, they can overheat and start a fire. Thus, it is very important to take safety precautions to prevent fires in homes, offices, and communities.

Solane, the country’s leading solutions company, provides the following steps to prevent fire accidents:

Use electronic appliances wisely.

Turn off and unplug electronic devices and fixtures when you are not using them. This practice will not only help conserve energy but will also prevent a power surge and overheating of appliances. Also, do not overcrowd electric outlets or extension sockets to protect the wiring against overheating.

Check electrical installations in your house.

Have a professional inspect your household electrical wiring regularly for damage cord and burned wiring. If they find anything that’s faulty, have it replaced with new cords and wiring. Never attempt to repair or replace any damaged wiring on your own especially if you do not have adequate electrical know-how.

Dispose of used matchsticks and cigarette butts properly.

Whether you are inside the house or outdoors, do not carelessly toss away used matchsticks, cigarettes, and recently used ashtrays without making sure that their glowing embers are completely gone. The rule of thumb is if the item is too hot for you to touch with your finger, it is too hot to be thrown away. Do not smoke or light a match near flammable objects, like gas cylinders, gasoline and paint thinner. If there are children and pets in your household, make sure that the matches, lighters and cigarettes are out of their reach.

Keep combustible materials away from sources of fire.

Make sure that your stove is away from materials than can catch fire, including mitts, plastic utensils, curtain, and cooking oil. When lighting a candle, put it in a candleholder or on a suitable candle base. Also, keep it out of reach of children and pets and away from soft furnishings, like curtains and beds. Do not forget to blow off the candle after use and make sure that its wick ember is no longer glowing before leaving the room.

Keep an eye on your cooking.

The most common reason for home fires is unattended cooking. Hence, when you are using the stove or other cooking equipment, stay in the kitchen and always be on alert. If you need to leave the food in the pot or oven for a few minutes, check it regularly and use a timer. If you are frying or sautéing, heat the oil slowly to the temperature you need then add the food gently in the pan so the oil won’t splatter. Make sure that the oil is not too hot so it won’t catch fire. If you see wisps of smoke or smell the oil burning, turn the burner off then carefully remove the pan from the burner. In the event that the cooking oil catches fire, slide the lid over the pan, turn off the burner, and let the pan cool for a long time. Do not throw water on the burning oil because it will only cause the burning oil to splash and spread the grease fire.

Get high quality LPG for safe and reliable burning.

If your home uses LPG for cooking and heating, make sure that it provides good combustion and rapid heat production and is manufactured according to the highest standards. When requesting a LPG tank refill, ensure that the new tank is not defective.

There’s a lot you can do to help fireproof your home and your community from fire accidents. By being proactive and prepared today, you can prevent and stop a tragedy all year long. Solane LPG provides safe, clean and reliable burning fuel for home and business needs. It also comes with the exclusive 7-point Safety Check service to ensure the proper handling and storage of the LPG tank. For more information, call the Solane Hatid Bahay Hotline at 887-5555 or 0918-8875555.