Our girl made us even prouder parents today! Her report card came out and she’s got As and Ps for the academics and Ds and Es for her behaviour.

If you’re wondering what these As and Ps and Ds and Es are… these are the new grading system implemented by DEPED and carried by all schools. Technically, we are used to alphabets and shadings instead of numerical values as their grades. I do know that some schools have numerical values corresponding the alphabets but our girl’s school doesn’t apply that which makes it hard for us, really.

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In their exams, when a student get a single mistake that’s already a P. As are always perfect scores… so I think it’s really hard to get the A. I was hoping they’d put at least a bracket for each letter like 0-1 mistake for A and 2-3 mistakes for P, and so on.

Anyway, I’m happy with Peaches’ grade whatever they are┬ábut now that I’ve seen it… I’m over the moon!