For a few weeks now, my Mom’s been bugging me to bring Peaches to an Ophthalmologist to have her eye checked. I have mentioned Peaches squinting and it seems that she couldn’t read letters well. My Mom knew this scenario too well. I was the same age as Peaches when I was brought to the Ophthalmologist and had my first eyeglasses prescribed.

So last weekend, we brought both girls to The Medical City for eye check up and baby well check up with their Pediatrician.

Sadly, Peaches’ eye grade is at 250 both eyes and she has astigmatism too. I felt really bad that she started with high grade which will only mean, she’s been walking around with a blurry vision for quite a while now.


If you are going through the same process with your kid, these tips might help you: 


1. Bring your kid to an Ophthalmologist first before going to an Optometrist. What’s the difference between the two? It’s huge.

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who specialized in the eyes. They can diagnose, treat eye problems and can perform eye surgery as well.

Optometrists are healthcare professionals who perform vision care and sight testing. They are not medical doctors but received a doctor of optometry degree in College. (Think: Dentists)

Eye exams will be performed and it will include dropping medicine in your child’s eye to stimulate its dilatation. After prescribing the proper eyeglass grade/correction for your child, the doctor might ask you to come back after a month (counting begins the first day your child wore the glasses) for a second check up.

2. Better to call the hospital or clinic first to set an appointment.

3. After getting Peaches’ prescription, we went to Megamall for her eyeglass fitting.

4. We chose Executive Optical as it’s very reliable and helpful. Their frames are affordable as well as their lenses.

5. Make sure you bring your prescription from the Optha and show it to the Optometrist because they will need to follow this.

6. We chose a less expensive frame from Nickelodeon’s line because it’s her first time to use eyeglasses and I don’t want to pay for something she might break at some point.

There were cute Hello Kitty frames for kids but it was expensive for a first timer.

The frame cost us P750 (it was on sale, used to be P1,200) and the lenses are P995

I think it was pretty okay considering the eyeglasses look great and looked similar to the expensive ones. The Executive Optical personnel who helped us really took her time looking for the best frames for us. We went home really happy with EO.

After wearing her glasses, she said she didn’t know things are normally THIS clear.

My poor baby.

Now she doesn’t have to tell her teacher she needs to sit in front because she can’t see. She’s usually seated at the back because she’s tall. By the way, both myself and my husband are wearing eyeglasses and have broken eyes. So as both of our parents.