>They say it takes more than a year for our body to recover from pregnancy. For me it has been 10 months since and I did loose some of the pregnancy fats I had but not entirely. My stomach is not as flat as before. In fact, I might as well be mistaken for a 3 month pregnant woman! I want to look good for myself and for my family too. Not because I am a stay at home mother and wife, I don’t need to look good anymore. The more I need to take care of myself because I’m a mother now.

I’ve chanced upon Flat Belly Diet and that they are looking for bloggers who would want to try it. Well, why not? It’s safe and sounds good to me. I bet most of you had blogged about the Flat Belly Diet already, now it’s time to actually try it and blog about it’s effect! We could also share our experiences and our struggles (as I know there will be alot) on sticking to the diet.

Besides, Peaches’ birhtday is coming so I need to look pretty! This could be the answer I’ve been waiting for!!!


See, it looks yummy!!! I think I won’t be able to feel “deprived” as I often felt to other diet I tried. And it’s safe too. Although this would take a lot of discipline which I lack, I know I should at least try to stick to it so I may achieve my goal! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!