It’s a fact that she’s growing up and having her own likes and dislikes. I’m just happy that she still prefers me (and her Dad) above all things. I love that she gives me flowers from her way home from school. I love that she announces she’s home and looks for me immediately. I love that she acknowledges my authority and still loves me. I love that she’s the sweetest little girl to everyone, even to her friends (though that worries me because she might be bullied for being too soft and kind).











In 10 days she’s stepping our of her preschool, her teachers and friends for the last 4 years. In 10 days she’s performing her last Broadway show with her classmates and friends. In 10 days she’s reciting a spiel to introduce her friend’s¬†Broadway¬†number. And in 10 days I am again to shed happy tears for my little girl while watching her be the best she can be on stage.

What is a week of too much work and less sleep when every day that you wake up you’re to be with the sweetest and prettiest little girl.