>We spent our New Year in Koronadal and General Santos City. Peaches was so happy to ride an airplane again so I made sure she’ll enjoy every minute she’s on it. I was armed with candies (hard,chewy ones), water and milk in a bottle.

Just before take off, I let her choose between the candy and milk. Sucking and chewing can help pop compression in her ear during take off. In our experience, her ears hurt more during landing than take off but nothing Mentos can’t handle. The rest of the flight was smooth sailing, she enjoyed it and even befriended the passengers seated next to us. She also squealed funny lines like, “Look Mom, the clouds are falling!” or “Mom, I can’t see anything, it’s just white!”  If only we can afford it, I’d like Peaches to travel more.

Anyway, remember to bring all sorts of candies (and water) when flying with your 3-year old!