>I know for a fact that living in a shared building, shared halls, shared elevators, and other spaces comes with shared noise as well. But it wouldn’t hurt to be courteous and be aware that you do not live alone in the building.

1. When riding the elevator, let the passengers get off first before squeezing your way in. And it might also help if you press the hold button unless you liked to be a sadist and wants to see someone smashed by the elevator doors.

2. If you know your neighbor has a baby, knock or press the doorbell once the baby might be asleep. Pounding on the door or the doorbell won’t get her any faster.

3. Throw your thrash properly. Garbage chutes are there for a purpose. And when you’re at it, be sure to throw it inside the chute and not let your bags stand outside the chute.

4. When you close your door, close it gently. When you feel your unit shake when banging it, prolly mine is shaking as well.

5. Note also that we share the same aroma of whatever’s cooking. SO if you’re annoyed, go get a fenced free standing house. Going to the administrator and complaining won’t do you any good.

6. I know you have all the right to redecorate your own unit and all that. But be sure to do it on waking hours. Not on wee hours. The sound of a hammer and whatever-the-name-of-the-tool-you-use-to-put-a-hole-on-your-wall is not a lullaby-not at all. Specially if you have that ultra big and flat TV that you wanted to put ON the wall (not over the wall). It’s annoying even if you’re like 1 floor above me.

Sounds good? It better be.