I’ve been talking about moving out soon
and I am frantic on selling items that I should be disposed of
since our new place is small than what we have now.
Please allow me to post some of the items I am selling
not to sell it to you (but if you want you may do so) but
primarily because most of these items have been with my family
for ages and it’s hard to let go some of them. (Is it just me or I’m too attached?)

This is an Element Stoneware dessert plate.
This is old but NEVER used.
This was just collecting dust on my Mom’s glass cabinet.
I have lots of these. (more than a dozen)

This is an Aunt Rhody Brickoven Stoneware Dinner set
As usual, this was NEVER used.
I have 6 sets of these.
Each set includes: Plate,dessert plate,bread&butter plate,cup and bowl

The condition of these items are pristine. No scratches. No chip.

This is just a sample of what I have in my hands to sell.
I still have mugs (as in the original SanMiguel Beer mug)
Figurines that I don’t know how much to sell.

At least I sold I of the glassware cabinets for P1,500
pretty cheap huh?
Well for the sake of getting rid of it.
Mind you it’s in good condition.
Hardwood (not Plywood but not Narra)

Ok lastly, I am also selling Peaches’ extra Infantino Carrier