We’ve finally finished the tasks for our clients this week and declared our weekend as of 5 minutes ago!

That means we’re on our hunting gears and our rucksacks are full of pots and potions.  Welp, our MU Philippines characters at least!

I have 2 of them this time.

My main character is again a Blade Knight and my study character is an Elf or to be specific, an Agility Elf.

Because this new private server has a legal window mode function, I was able to do some quick screen shots and Photoshop editing:




This shot is significant because in the old MU days, a bottle of the Spirit of Dark Horse costs a gauntlet and a boot (arm and leg!) but in this private server, we can easily afford to buy the HORSE itself and any loot that we get as extra, we sell on the NPC (non player character or the in game preset merchants).

And yeah, pardon my armor set, being a NOOB set.



That’s my online characters. So nice to just relax, hunt and kill other players  be friends with other players. For me playing is as good as  shopping for stratocaster pickups at musician’s friend .

How are you starting your weekend?