Do you fear this day or you simply don’t believe in superstition? Did you know that the US reported losses on income because of Friday the 13ths? Basically people are too affected to go out of bed much more go around with their usual routine. Some are even afraid to travel, buy investments and do important things on this day because of bad luck. You might have paraskavedekatriaphobia if you fear Friday the 13th.

This history of Friday the 13th is unclear. There are theories and hearsay but I don’t want to go over it because you might know it better than I do. So here are just a few events happening on Friday the 13th: (source: wikipedia)

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  1. Tina says:

    >i used to like this day cause i had a good day on it for years, but last year i remember having a shitty day so i been dreading it.i had a good day today though!

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