Ever since, I’m known to tell my best friends everything but when I got married, the first thing that my Mom taught me was: ‘Do not talk about your marital problems to your friends’. My Mom’s a wise woman, I tell you.

So why shouldn’t we tell on our marital woes? 



It’s because we want to protect the “image” of your husband. You don’t want to taint his image to your friends especially if the problem isn’t life threatening. If it’s something you and your husband can discuss privately, you do not need to share it with your friends.

Imagine when you kiss and make up with your husband after a long fight but only AFTER you angrily said bad things about him to your friends. His “image” would forever be the bad husband even after you made up.

Besides, marriage is between you and your husband and no one else. If you’re having problems, talk about it or seek someone who’s not friends with any of you.- a marriage counselor or a religious person perhaps.

If your husband is threatening you or hurting you in any way, then this is a totally different situation. If this is the case, seek help from your friends and do not bottle it up.  No one has the right to hit their partners no matter how heated the argument becomes.

So how much do we share to our friends?

I say, we should talk about a lot of positive things and a little of the bad ones. If someone is asking for an advice, you can always give your experiences as an example but always say how you overcame it. It’s not only helping your friend but I believe this would also validate your commitment to your marriage.