For a time I have been referring to Peaches as toddler when in fact she’s already a preschooler! She’s growing so fast and it’s like I want to make the time a bit slower but at the same time, I am excited to see her on her teens! I’m excited (make that too excited) to spend kikay moments and girl bonding with her. She’s growing up very well and I see that she adjusts very well with the changes that she encounter.

She also started to have a mind of her own (duh!) and she can now decide fairly well. I guess she feels the same way as I do when I after an  hour or so of being away from her, I feel a void and I miss her terribly. I say that she feels the same way because when I get  home she gives me a tight hug and never wants to let go of me. She’s really our star and our joy 🙂

Oh and I should probably tell you about her imaginary friends. She has baby daga (from ratatouille cartoons) which she cups in her hands while we stroll in the mall or puts it on top of her head when she needs to hold my hand. Then there’s genie who pops and go like a smoke. And lastly Thomas the cat, who for weeks now is nowhere to be found.

It’s fun to hear her talk and whisper with her imaginary friends (sometimes one at a time and sometimes all of them together) but after a few hours, it gets creepy! (hahahaha). Did you have imaginary friends when you were little? Note to self: ask Mom if I had one.

Anyway, here’s Peaches’ latest photos