Since Saturday, Peaches’ front tooth was loose and she has been asking countless times about her dentist appointment. This kid if you don’t know, loves going to the dentist. She has to have her teeth cleaned every 6 months or else I will be forever bombarded by whining for a dentist trip.

So in all of her 3 lost milk teeth (including the one today), had to be pulled by the dentist. Anesthesia and all that. And in all 3, I never went with her. I am so scared of seeing the syringe needle but this kid is so weird, she enjoys it!  I don’t know why.

Maybe the ice cream treat after the dentist schedule? Or the praises she gets from her dentist and the assistant for a job well done?

I don’t know.

Is your kid the same? Does she love her dentist too?

How much do you spend in your child’s dentist schedule? Ours was P400 for the extraction and cleaning.

Maybe it helps that my husband and I go to the same dentist. Peaches is being handled by the Mommy dentist because she specializes in kids and Troy and I either go with the Daddy dentist or their son dentist. And yes, we go to a family of dentist 😀