Pah! Nah! Loh! This self serve froyo- Tutti Frutti 
Other branches I know: SM Megamall, SM Manila

First choose your size then go to their froyo dispensers. Choose what flavors you like for your base froyo. 
They have almond, tutti frutti original, coffee, chocolate, pomegranate, etc 
And oh you can combine the flavors too! 

Then put whatever toppings you like and how much you like.

Have it weighed and pay. 
They charge P20 / oz. 
Our personalized froyos! 
From the purple spoon to the pink spoon it costs P117, P122, P147 respectively.
Not bad, eh? 
The taste
I like my froyo not too sweet and not too sour. Tutti Frutti’s froyo has this subtle taste. 
I’ve tried their chocolate (which kinda tastes like mocha), tutti frutti original, strawberry, almond and pomegranate – all are Pah Nah Loh! 
I like the self serve concept. I can put right amount of these goodies and enjoy my personalized froyo 🙂