Since I’ve been managing our budget, I’ve been a sucker for frugal tips from the internet, from my friends, and relatives. And it’s been bugging my brain since last night. So here let me share what I’ve learned….

  • Squeeze all your calamansi into one container and just store it on the fridge to be sure that you’ll maximize it’s uses. because when left on plastic bags (as you bought it) it’ll tend to rot.
  • I buy unbranded stuff i.e  instead of Ariel — White Cat (smells good, cleans well, really cheap)
  • Instead of Joy— SM bonus, Supersaver, Lins (some of my forum friends switched to pastes like Dazz)
  • Instead of Kleenex— Tisyu & Watson’s Tissue rolls are affordable too
  • Instead of Listerine— Lander, G-something (i forgot! we just discovered this recently)
  • Instead of Lipton ice tea— Sundays melon or manggo taste good but not as pricey
  • Instead of Domex— I make my own cleaning solution. I’ve read the ingredients on Domex and Mr. Muscle…it’s pretty simple.. Zonrox + Water + Cleanser!!!
  • Instead of Downy– the one from Japan Home is good also
  • Instead of Gardenia— Neuman or Marby’s, bakery bought is better of course

I also buy shampoo in sachets rather than on the tube ones because it’s cheaper for me since I am the only one using it and I can regulate it.

Buying by bulk not necessarily mean it’s cheaper when you have a small family. You can actually save more if you buy what you just need than hoard.

Be on the look out for sales too!

Stick to you grocery list. (Next time I might not bring Troy along on the supermarket because he just picks what he wants heheheh)

Keep track of your expenses by saving your receipts. I actually refer to the previous grocery receipt when I do my next grocery list so that I will have an idea on how much I would spend on it. Then try not to go beyond your budget. (at least I try hard not to)

We’re a single earning family (boo boo to me) and so I try to maximize our income by being a wise consumer. Your budget shouldn’t fit you…you should fit in to your budget. =_=

The only things I don’t scrimp on is Peaches’ basic needs like milk, vitamins and her vaccines. Her milk’s really expensive but we don’t want to compromise her nutrition by downgrading her milk for the sake of frugality.

Soooo there. I’ll add more as I am still learning to be frugal.