A little break over the scary stuff.
We’ve been to P’s pediatrician and he insisted I stop giving P Gain Plus Advance and vitamins. He said children in the US are given solids and fresh milk at this stage and so should we. He said I can give P Bearbrand, Anchor or Nido instead.
I talked it over with T and he disapproved. Thinking, children in the US have different environment compared to the children in the Philippines. Our children here needs to strengthen thier immune system because of the severe pollution. SO we decided to stick P with Gain Plus Advance and her vitamins.
P eats her solids well so we don’t have a problem with that. And I also make it a point to make her drink at least half a glass of fresh milk a day. Now I wonder if I can convince T to try Nido for a month or two and see if there will be a difference in P’s weight gain and food intake. Nido will surely give us 50% savings on P’s milk budget in a month. Nido has DHA and lactobaccillus which I think are good for my child.

SO what do you think? Is it a good decision to switch P to Nido Jr. ?


P’s weight is slightly above her normal weight (YES She’s HEAVY!)