>Got this tag from mari… and passing it on to: Chant, Tina, theworkingmom

1. Today I feel very— sick….I have an infection on one of my toes and it hurts like hell.
2. I enjoy — going out with my family. I miss them so much that I wanted to be with them soon.
3. I am unhappy when —
my parents are mad at me
4. I feel good when —
I did something good for others
5. I wish my boss — will have good health and longer life.
6. My officemates think — I’m too young.
7. My work area is — WAS a laboratory
8. I enjoy reading about —
Medical thrillers
9. I like myself best when —
I make people happy
10. If I had a choice I would —
travel around the world
11. I wish — for my family’s good health and safety
12. Tomorrow I would like to — feel better.. *sniff*

Have fun guys!!!