I always have this indescribable ‘high’ whenever we shop at our favorite S&R branch at Shaw Blvd. Maybe it’s the new Christmas decors that prettified the place and giving off that Christmas spirit early on or maybe because of the anticipation in shopping for good, quality products for my family and our home.

This month of October, S&R stores are having the bestest deals for candies and treats that you can use for the Halloween.

So timely because my daughter’s friends are planning on doing a Trick or Treat party of their own and we decided to potluck food and candies for them.

Here are some great deals I’ve got from S&R for the Halloween party:


Ring pop P699.95 – kids loooove this especially our girls.

Nestle Assorted Chocolates P899.95 for 150pcs – I like to opt for imported chocolates as they’re safer for the kids and the expiration date is far and well, valid.

Nestle Wonka P849.95 – I was a Wonka baby when I was little… I just love Nerds and Peaches does too.

Sunshine Mix P799.95 is actually new to me but I have to see what the girls thought of it.



This M&M’s Mix up is cool for P229.95 you get to have all variations.

I still bought local candies because I know the girls love them. The most important thing is that the candies and chocolates you give the kids are safe as in no harmful ingredients, not chocking hazards and of course yummy!

While I was there, I also picked up a good wine for the parents and some pasta to bring for the potluck. Those were on price slash too. Amazeballs!

The best part about shopping at S&R is you get to shop for quality home essentials as well. There were lots of sale items I saw in bed sheets, pillows, etc.

Don’t you just #LoveSnR ?