Am I lucky or what?

My daughter loves to eat her vegetables and raw greenies too like lettuce and cucumber. Fellow Moms would always ask me what my secret was and I always tell them, early exposure to food and be a good role model.

I can’t expect a child to learn how to eat her veggies when her parents are seen to not like eating it too.



How Did You Teach Your Child To Eat Vegetables?

1. One piece at a time. When Peaches was growing up, I introduced her to new vegetables one week at a time. You would not want to overwhelm your child with so many new things to try. Let her absorb it and make it her favorite before moving on. Plus it makes sense to introduce one new food at a time so you can gauge his or her body’s reaction to the food.

2. I became creative in preparing the vegetable and presenting it to her. Like when I introduced carrot, I showed her how Bugs Bunny loves to eat them.

Look how fast Bugs Bunny is because he’s eating his carrot!

I would also tell her what the vegetable would make her if she eats them. This has been our practice that up until now when she encounters new veggies in her plate, she would ask, “What does this make me Mom?” 

3.  Eat what you preach. You do not want to say to your child this food is yum when you don’t eat it yourself. If you’ve never been a veggie eater, it’s a perfect time to learn with your child. your child will gain more confidence when she sees you’re also eating the food.

4. Praises are always good. When your child begins to show great interest in her vegetables, praise her. Talk about it with your friends and family especially when she’s within earshot. She’ll feel proud about it and she’ll take it as an accomplishment-eating veggies is good.

5. Repeat and eat more. When you teach kids how to eat vegetables, it does not mean that you eat nothing but veggies! You also expose her to other great culinary dishes but always keep their interest open on veggies.


Is There Any Vegetable That Your Daughter Does Not Like?

Well yes of course.

Eggplant, she does not want it because of its dark purple color which she thinks is “yucky”.


What’s her Favorite Vegetable?

She likes a lot of them – String beans, Pechay, Lettuce, Potato, Carrot, Baby corns are among of her favorites.

What Are the Benefits That You Seen In Kids Eating Vegetables?

Peaches has always been very healthy. A year could go by with no major fever or any related illness. She rarely develop cough and flu too.

And she’s always glowing. She’s a happy child too so I guess that should also account why she’s glowing and pinkish in the cheeks.