How much of you is a giver? I don’t know if I am but what I can tell you is that I am married to one. T is a born giver. He gives when he feels you need it. He gives even if it would leave him with nothing. He gives without asking anything in return. It’s pretty amazing how he does that to almost anyone. I call it random kindness.

Though there are times I get annoyed because he gives too much to people who doesn’t even deserve it. Most of the time people take advantage of his nature and he just don’t care.
I am annoyed because I think my husband deserves respect because of what he does to these people.

He even rarely wants something. That’s why when he implies or say he wants a thing, I buy it, I get it, I do it (whatever!) without hesitation. Sometimes, I feel what he wants (and most of the time I am right)
so I take the initiative to get things done for him.

Are you in a way like him?
Me??? I’m not sure. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I am.
But the most important thing is, when you decide to give something
be sure you’ll be able to sleep. 😉