Tonight, GMA will air its first epic teleserye starring Ms. Marian Rivera. I had the honor of watching its pilot episode the other night and I must say that this teleserye is worth watching for the following reasons:

1. A part of the Filipino history and culture is being brought to us in stunning visual and cinematic effects.

From AMAYA teleserye 

From AMAYA teleserye

2. Learn languages that were used in the early days.
3. Understand the culture that molds us for what we are today.
4. Be at awe with the stars and their acting caliber. HINT: You must watch Raymond Bagatsing’s epic performance.
5. Obviously it’s an ambitious project, let’s stick and watch if the cast delivers and portrays well.

Storyline of Amaya:

In the time when the fearless leader and undefeated warrior, Rajah Mangubat ruled over many banwas at Central Visayas, an elderly priestess prophesied that there will be a powerful woman who will defeat the great Rajah and will free the slaves. Little did he know that the baby was born on one of his own banwas which was led by Datu Bugna. The baby was born and named Amaya. Amaya is not an ordinary girl, she possesses power and guidance from her twin snake. Treachery and slavery pushed Amaya to fight for his people and free them from the sadistic hands of Rajah Mangubat.

I have watched the pilot episode along with the casts of Amaya. It was really a good project and I can see that a lot of effort and studying was put into it. Some of the casts present were:

Buboy Villar as Bahuk
From AMAYA teleserye
Raymond Bagatsing as Datu Bugna
From AMAYA teleserye
Mikael Daez as Lumad
From AMAYA teleserye

I was able to interview Ms. Gina Alajar who is potraying the role of Dian Lamitan, the first wife of Datu Bugna

Lastly, is an interview with Direk Mac Alejandre and he was clearly very happy and proud of their Obra Maestra.

Watch GMA’s Amaya tonight! It will surely make you want to watch it every night 🙂

Tell me what you think of the story and the effects, okay?