We don’t own a home theatre but we do enjoy spending our weekends watching great movies at home. We love it so much because we can always relax the way we want to. We can stretch our legs, munch on junkfood, and more importantly concentrate on the film itself sans annoying front,side and back neighbor (as when you watch a movie).
When we had Peaches, hubbie and I take as much time we get home alone by watching our favorite movies. We love a wide genre such as comedy, horror, medical thrillers, action, feel good movies and sci-fi. We also often give chances to not-so appealing movies, classics and indie movies and talk about what we think afterwards. It’s really a great topic for a very stimulating conversation with hubbie. And it has been our tradition ever since. But lately, we haven’t had the time to do it because of the holiday rush, the demands of the baby, hubbie’s work schedules and so on and so forth. Luckily, hubbie’s got an upcoming paid vacation so I surfed for good movies to watch and I came up with All Roads Lead Home The Movie
and I think hubbie’s going to love this one too. Here’s the trailer:

It’s a heart warming movie and it’s good! You might even want to watch it with your loved ones too!