Got SMS from my friend Paul today telling me I am on the list of Graduates and that our school (guess what school LOL) wasn’t giving out TORs yet. Isn’t it that April 11 is the deadline for submission of application for the local board exam at PRC? I bet our registrar staff needs a nudge on their pockets! Tsk. Money does the talking in our school. And in some way it pisses me off. Why can’t they be fair? There were students who graduated without even attending classes or some of their classes. I told Mum about this. That there’s an easy way of graduating as a nurse. But then she told me, it’s best that I attend and LEARN from my classes to avoid the risk of killing my patients in the future. Makes sense huh?

At least now I am graduating! on May 8 actually! I asked Paul about the TOGA and all…but he said there was no announcement about it. I wonder if I should go and ask the modista myself.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hopefully soon I’ll be RMT, RN yey!