Of all the profile tests I took last year, none of them shows I’m artistic or creative with designs and structures. I am more of a text and word person rather than a create and design type.

It’s one of the areas that I wanted to develop but I guess, being a graphic designer entails talent and an eye for creativity which did I say, I don’t have?. Sure, I can tell you how a website should look and “feel” to address the “needs” of your clients and in particular, impress the very popular Mr. G. But as I said, that’s the extent of my creativeness.  I can never execute intricate designs.

My blog logo and my business cards were all designed for me. I ordered them online too. I’ve had it printed online and delivered right at my doorstep. I’ve used businesses like http://www.zooprinting.com .

Once a client asked me, “Is there something you can’t do, Renz?”  and can you guess what I said?

I don’t think Graphic design and Web design can be learned. Well, okay if you learn it for gazillion years, sure but who has the time to do that? This is why I often leave the designing to the talented. heehee.