Thanks to my friends who are so determined to go green this year, I’m also (finally!) on the road to eating healthier and living healthier. My husband and I are both working so hard (okay, he works harder than me) to loose x-pounds courtesy of our midnight snacks, unhealthy lunches and sedentary days. I’m happy to say that it has made us a happier couple and made us feel better about ourselves.

With the help of my friend and raw food goddess, Lakapati, I embarked on a Green Smoothie cleansing. I’ve been doing it for a week now and I’m loving it! I’ve been taking my green smoothie as lunch and dinner. I still eat breakfast to power up my day and then smoothie all the way. I wanted to keep track of how I was doing and by doing so, I’m hoping to help some of you who are thinking of doing the same regimen. So here’s what I do:

1. Eat breakfast. Now, my friends keep on telling me that this is the wrong way to do it and that it should be smoothie, smoothie then dinner. The principle behind that is, you eat fruits and greens in the morning because you absorb the vitamins and nutrients faster and your energy will then be diverted to whatever tasks you have for the day instead of digesting the food you have eaten which will make you sleepy. It didn’t work well with me because by dinner time, I’m very hungry and even after eating I still feel deprived. So what I am doing is I eat fruits and then eat my breakfast (rice and viand). I try to skip coffee as much as I can and I’m counting on my green smoothie to boost my energy.

2. Green Smoothie for Lunch. I love using Pechay as my main greenie and use banana, guyabano (sour soup)or mango as my base fruit.

Here’s my usual Green Smoothie Recipe:

Pechay- 60%

Mango- 1 whole

Banana- 1

Cucumber- 1/2

Buko juice or water


Calamansi (lemon)- 2 pieces or 1 whole lemon

I just change my base fruit from time to time for variety and thanks to being a tropical country, we have several fruits to choose from.

3. Fruit or Green Smoothie Dinner. Green smoothie can boost your energy and will keep you awake for hours on end. BUT if you’re like me who’s hitting the gym after dinner, I suggest take your green smoothie because you need the energy and you actually burn it.

I don’t put sweeteners on my smoothies and rely on the fruits as my sweetener. I also don’t like milk on my fruit smoothie since it’s for cleansing and diet.

This week I will be trying other greenies such as celery, spinach and maybe kamote.

Just a week of doing Green Smoothie and already I feel lighter and great. It helps that my husband and friends are also into healthy living so it came easy for me.