I was so frustrated last night that I had to sleep it off.
But today’s another day.
I tried to smoothen my page with the help of Ms. Lena
Haven’t eaten lunch yet and seems like
Peaches is giving Mummie enough time to finish her blog
because my little wombat is fast asleep. ( usually we wrestle
a bit before she sleeps)

Bit by bit I can see my site falling into its place.
As I was editing this and that I came across
several helpful blogs that I would definitely use
one of these days. Maybe after I get back from the cruise.

Uhhh Yeah I’m not yet done with the editing.
I wanted a different page. A different color.
But it’ll come.
I learned my lessons :))
Won’t rush it again.
Annnnnndddd I’ll ask questions.

Thanks fellow bloggers!
Thanks for the patience!