Last night my FIL, SIL, Peaches and I are walking past Cinnabon at Rob Galleria. (yes the one infront of Coffee Bean..the one across TGIF) and I told them I saw hair on one of the displays of Cinnabon. Curiosly we looked and there and behold! the very same hair I saw the day before!
My FIL called out on the saleslady and pointed out the hair. To our surprise the lady said,
“Display lang naman po yan Sir”. Whuuuuutttt??? Yeah we know it was display. Doiii..The more they should make it presentable.For heaven’s sake they’re selling food. Who would be enticed to buy and much more eat it. Tsk. So much for being concerned.

If I was the manager of that store I would fire her outright.

Good thing I don’t like Cinnamons.