>I had been using my eye glasses for the longest time. I had this since I was in college and that was like 5 years ago. Saying it’s dilapidated is an understatement. It has chip on the sides, the red paint is coming off, the temple arm length is too wide and when I look down the eyeglasses falls. It endured a lot of falls and was even stepped on at one point but it survived and is still hanging on.

You must think I am too cheap for keeping my eyeglasses but I wouldn’t want to invest on something insanely expensive such as those eyeglasses offered on optical shops. They’re not worth it!
But the need arises to buy a new one so here I am searching for a good buy. Thanks to the power of world wide web, I stumbled upon Holiday frames by Zenni Optical! Check it out to see their holiday collection. They’re totally fashionable and affordable!

For $29.95, I can have this and would look cute too!

I’m sure I won’t find anything more gorgeous (and affordable) than this! It’ s really a steal!
But wait, there’s more designs! check out their Holiday frames. I’m sure you’ll find one that’s perfect for yourself, your wife and even to your mother! The selection is so wide it’s fun choosing which one fits your personality well. This is also a good option for christmas presents.

I am seriously thinking of getting one myself because my old eyeglasses badly needs a rest.