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When Peaches was younger we used to call her
baby touille (yeah as in RATATOUILLE) because she was small
and dark and had curly hair! (err she still have curly hair but less darker now)
But recently my MIL and FIL are starting to call her PIGLET.
They said she grew bigger and heavier than the last time
they carried her. (uhmmm every weekend we meet them)
If they haven’t pointed it out, I wouldn’t notice.
(that’s because I don’t mind the nagging pain on my back everytime I carry her)

Today we went to her pedia for her monthly check-up,
she did grew heavier and longer!
She’s exactly 4 months old today and so far,
T and I feels so blessed because she’s so healthy and happy.
Lately, she learned to talk.
Nah, not the talk we do but a step higher than coos and googoos
that she had when she was 2 and a half months old.
It’s pretty funny when she talks now. Even funnier when she talked while her lips
are pursed. (yep she did that when she was 3 months old)
She even learned to change the pitch of her voice. Sometimes she shouts,
at times she whispers, at times she have that normal pitch the kind
we used when we converse with people 5 inches away from you. ;))

There was this one afternoon when T and her
are taking a nap, Peaches turned and saw Daddy sleeping….
She yelled so loud Daddy woke up in a jolt!
I was laughing really hard because T’s facial expression is priceless! LOL
Peaches giggled and slept.

That’s just one of her “kalokohans” :))