Pardon my absences because I was really in and out because of the holidays plus it was Peaches’ birthday the day after Christmas and my day just went from crazy to UNBELIEVABLE. I was juggling work, catching up with work, more work and did I say work?

Anyway, now that I am slowly getting back to my usually pace (yay!), I want to take a moment and greet you all a Happy New Year! My family spent New Year’s at Beijing to experience winter 🙂 and hopefully snow but unfortunately we missed it by 1 day. But it was still all good because it’s Winterwonderland in Beijing.

New Year is always a welcome change for me and I always take it as a chance to reflect on the year before and the years to come. My dear husband in fact followed suit because he’s starting to do changes from his routine and he’s talking about doing some more on his habit and attitude. I’m really happy about the changes he did which meant so much to me and Peaches 😀

2011 has been good to me, there were low points but it was all just stories now. I am hoping that the dear Universe give me an even better 2012. And of course, to you as well.

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!