Will it work or not? T and I decided it’s for the best if we get one helper that’ll come twice a week since I don’t need a stay-in yaya for Peaches. And over the weeks we realized we could go about everyday living without a helper. It wasn’t so bad after all. Still, a break from laundry and all is much welcome! So T accepted his friend’s offer to be our helper twice a week. Yeah. A HE. And T’s friend. His friend not mine! That friend we will name Naruto. I have bad blood with Naruto because he had “bad” impression on me since day 1. T met him at the PC Shop downstairs. They’ve become friends and T could ask him to do errands for him. This Naruto is…uhhh,…no pun intended…is a lowlife. No, really. He has no job. But he spends hours playing online games (I wonder where he gets the moolah). He RARELY take a bath. How do I know???? You can smell. You can see he didn’t change his clothes from the DAY before. Tsk. I don’t want to sound too “matapobre” but he could do better.

Okay then…T gave him job as their messenger at their Travel Agency. He lasted 1 week! He was ALWAYS late! His call time was 8am (like any other office), he comes around 9:30 or even later! Sheesh man! Oh! Before THAT, Naruto asked T for money to spend on NBI clearance and other requirements he needed for the messenger job. Another sheeesh!

Once Naruto asked T for money. He said he’ll pay once he straighten things out. H never did. I guess he was never straightened out.

T never did once buckle on his so called friend. I hope it’s not a bad idea accepting Naruto as our helper. Oh sheesh I just ranted.