I’m a first time mom and I researched countless times on head injuries since Peaches had her fair share. She’s learning to walk on her own and refuses to be held. At times, really freak accidents happen and even how cautious we are, it happens.
I’d like to ask your opinion, your experiences, your suggestions on what to do after the injury.

Here’s what I know so far:

-As soon as the accident happen, check for any sign of bleeding.

-My pedia said if the child didn’t lose her/his consciousness, no need to rush to an emergency room. Even vomiting is normal. Unless it persists until the next day.

-Check if the baby is lethargic, confused or unresponsive, if so rush to the ER.

-If the child can’t move or walk, call paramedics do not move the child yourself.

-If there is a bump, hot and cold compress to subside.

-If the child returns to his/her usual behavior, no worries.

-Wake the child every 30 mins. for the first 24 hours just to check his/her status.

-Of course always check for the vital signs.

Also, I believe that guardian angels protect our babies. I have read several stories to prove this. I also happen to experience it personally.

Please do share your opinions and experiences. SO that we’ll learn from each other.