This Lent what did you decide to give  up and fast for? 
Some noble women I know are set to make 40 kids happy on Easter Sunday. These kids are under the Kythe Foundation and half of them are dying of cancer. And I am here to help them spread their noble desire to make the kids happy.

The kids despite of their medical condition, are in a good state and most try to live a normal life. But what is normal to them, isn’t for us who are fortunate enough to wake up in the morning with a nice embrace and kiss from our healthy young ones. Today, I offer you a chance to be part of the team who will make 40 children happy on or before Easter Sunday. I know it’s a challenge but it’s a challenge worth doing.
To quote one of the friends from Kythe, “There will be more children waking up happily on Easter Sunday… even if they don’t really know how many more mornings they will be waking up to. What matters is they are happy from day to day. After all, they are children.” 

Below are the names of the children and their wishes. I call on your kind heart to look at the names and the simple things they wish for and maybe you can spare some of your resources to make it happen.

I will try to update those wishes that were already pledged for. The names and the wishes that are highlighted are already taken. 

 Kythe Foundation
* you can enlarge the document by pressing the magnifying lens with a + sign and use the scroll bars to navigate.   

Should you feel inspired to make a donation either the specific wish listed or money to acquire the wish, please email me at renzalcantara@gmail.com for details. Let’s make this happen! 

Thank you for your support.