To make your life easier as an entrepreneur, there are tools that you can use in running your business in the Philippines.

Let me share with you some tools, software and apps that I personally use and found effective, efficient, convenient and working (when they’re not wonky!).

Before I start, I have a few disclaimer:

1.) This is not a sponsored post, these are my opinion based on my experience

2.) Technology works well for all of us until they stop working.

So here are some business tools that you might find helpful and useful:

Google Drive

Use Google suite to really get its full potential. In my previous post, I have written about Google suite and how it can help your business, read it here.

With Google drive, you can save all your document, spreadsheets, templates, presentations, etc in one safe place. You can choose to keep them private or choose to share it with people- your client, for example. The best part? You can access Google Drive anywhere as long you have an Internet and a laptop.


Trello is a software you can use to track projects, tasks, as your company’s monthly goal calendar, schedule plotter, etc. It has an app you can download in your phone so you can access it anywhere. You can add people in your Trello account and discuss projects, bookings, goals, etc. All these things are well kept in one place for easy and safe communication.

Of course there are other software like Trello but I found this one working well for my needs. Just know that there are a lot out there you can choose from. I’m using the free version of Trello for years now, by the way.

Grab, Angkas, Lalamove, Transportify

My business uses these transport services at all times. Grab for business in particular is helpful but since they don’t have any competitor yet, they can become a nuisance and a burden at times due to high rate, low response, etc.

See, I do have a lot of bad experiences with these services but all I can do is to report, file a complaint and hope the next service is better. Until we get a few more competitors for these services, I think we’ll have to settle with them.

Sometimes when I just need a quick motorcycle messenger, I join groups on Facebook where you can post your pick up and drop off request and riders can PM you and send in their rate. I find it very helpful and cheaper than the Angkas app. Of course, transact at your own risk.

Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Marketplace

When in need of local suppliers, materials, etc. these marketplaces are the best way to go BEFORE going to physical shops and malls. I find that they’re cheaper especially when you buy in bulk and very convenient because most them offer cash on delivery option. I often use these apps to compare prices, research on a product or material and then choose from there.

Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber

For a “secure” and unified communication system with your staff and clients, these are very useful and highly effective. There’s no way, you can’t easily reach someone at this point considering there’s the usual SMS and call service.

Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube

Great tools for doing digital marketing or online marketing for your business. Social media broadens your reach allowing you to find more customers and clients. But it’s best that you arm yourself with proper knowledge on how to use these platforms or else you’ll end up spending a lot and gaining nothing.

Oftentimes, I also use these platforms to be informed of current trends, seminars near my area, opportunities I can take on, reading and learning from people’s experience, etc. A word of caution though, manage your social media well or you’ll find yourself in a black hole and end up doing nothing the entire day.

iPhone videomaker or any other phones that can make videos

Interestingly enough, we can use our smartphones to create videos for our business! Use them as marketing tools, etc. I’d like to say getting a nice smartphone is also a good business investment especially if you’re focusing your business online and trying to do more with digital marketing.

WordPress, Wix, Weebly

If you’re just starting and wants to have an online presence, you need a website BEFORE having social media accounts. I find it rather weird that people actually think they don’t need a website if they already have a Facebook page. Here’s why you should have a website: Google search results page DOES NOT show links from Facebook and Instagram which means your business will only be limited to the audiences of those platforms. Please note that majority of people still search in Google BEFORE finding you in Facebook.

Take it as, Facebook pages are for verification if and when they find your website from Google. Most buyers or potential clients would always look at Google search first than use Facebook search.

That’s all from me for now! If at any point you need help, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂