Today, our new government was formed and is officially proclaimed. Today a new breed of politician sits in the highest chair of my land. Today my voted Vice President was proclaimed and he was emotional all through out. For me that speaks so much of a man I voted. Not afraid to show his true emotions to think that he was an unexpected contender for the Vice Presidential race.

I am hopeful that my country will finally stand strong from the bashing it endures of the years. This time is entirely different because I care more than I did the last time a new President was proclaimed. I have a family of my own now and I care for whatever affects them. I care for my Motherland more than ever because I want my children to grow in love with her as much as I did.

I pray for my countrymen that we all accept and give the new government a chance. I hope that politicians find hope and conscience in their hearts and work together to bring the Philippines to a place where she deserves to be. I will do my part well. I hope they do theirs too.