>I will be joining a group from my husband’s travel agency, Pirkko & Troy Tours, Inc.
For some reason I feel excited about the trip although this will be my second time to visit Holyland.

I’m hoping I could still update my blog and other social networks at the end of each tour days but I am guessing Internet connection is slow on the places we are going to stay.

So far these are our hotels:

Zamzam Hotel in Amman
Club Hotel in Tiberias
Regency Hotel in Jerusalem
Morgenland in Sinai
Triumph Hotel in Cairo

I will be posting reviews and photos of the said hotels after the whole tour 🙂

In case you are wondering, Peaches will be staying with Ate Myrna (her nanny) and Troy. It’s hard for me to leave her but we do need the extra income for her enrollment on June (teehee). Plus who would pass on a Holyland tour? I’m not that crazy.