Hooray For Today!

No I’m not writing about McDonald’s famous line but quite literally about what my hoorah for today is.


Despite the fact that my assistant is on leave today, I was able to meet all my deadlines and put smiles on my clients’ faces. I think I also did a lot of extra miles for their businesses today.

Though I’d say my day isn’t perfect, I refuse to dwell in them and just move on and make tomorrow a better one.

I’m happy that my close friend is soon living near me and we can meet up almost everyday!

I’m happy that Peaches is showing a lot of progress during our daily study time together. She can now read sentences and I think she enjoys them too.

I’m happy that I am learning new things about myself each day and it’s comforting to know that there are still new things to learn about my husband and our relationship.

It may not be a perfect day but in the end, I’m happy that all is well.

Here’s to a happy week for all of my Pinay Mommy readers!

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