Living in a shoebox  condo can be tiring at times especially when you want to have privacy or a minute of silence and your housemates  aren’t to sensitive with your growing irk with their too much yapping. Then there’s the problem with spaces between parts of the house which are too narrow that you can hear the banging in the kitchen while you’re having your down time in front of  the TV. So my dream is to own a house with a garden, a fence, is spacious and homey- like the house I grew up in.

For now let me just bask in the dream of getting and owning one! My dream house would be very Martha Stewart-ish with it’s color coordinated motif and bursts of yellow colors here and there. Below are what the inside and outside of the house would look like:



I want to be known as the “house with a red door”. I like a white paint  on the exterior of the house with grey (but lighter than the one shown on the photo) or blue highlights.

house with red door

Living Room

I want a very homey, minimalist design on the living room. Absolutely no heavy and dark drapes, just light hues and big couch and sofa to make sure we can accommodate a lot of guests because we love to have friends over for a movie night or game night.

Living Room Design


Minimalist Living Room Design




Ever since I learned how to cook, it has been a great source of joy to whip up something from the oven or stove top. I want a spacious kitchen with a center island where I can busy myself with baking, cutting vegetables and so on. I have to have a space to move around and multi task because I see myself plurking and working while preparing dinner 🙂

Again, the interior has to be very light in shade and no hard wood colors and steel. I want the kitchen to be homey and not cold and dark.



This one’s just asking for too much:


You think? Well, maybe when I become an Internet millionaire! LOL.


Dining Room

Our dining room has to be intimate. I don’t want huge and chunky dining table and chairs but just simple and quaint space to eat with family and friends. Again, no to dark and heavy drapes. Splashes of bright & cheery colors on the chair will be so cool too!

Dining Room Design



I’m also digging the red chairs here:



Or white and yellow colors in the kitchen, perhaps?



Home Office/Library

The home office should be well lit, spacious and with shelves for my books and files. It should be very stylish and should promote productivity for me and my husband. I like bursts of colors for energy enhancement and color schemes that are easy on the eyes since we will be needing it after hours and hours of working online.

I love the photo below but I would just change the chairs to a more comfortable office chair.

Home Office for Two People



Or this set up too:

Can you tell that I’m not a fan of dark colors inside the house? I want my living quarters to be homey and light (plus good Feng Shui too!).
I was 3 years old when I had my own bedroom and I grew up knowing I have my own space and privacy (Maybe this is the reason why I really hate when someone else steps on my private life?).  Anyway, I want Peaches to feel the same. I want her to have her own space and thrive within it.
Girls Bedroom



I didn’t realize it would be this long to come up with a style inspiration for an entire house! LOL.
I’ll reserve the remaining parts of the house for tomorrow’s post.
For now, let’s all have a great weekend!