After days of being busy with our family visiting us, T and I had our general cleaning. I woke up earlier than T because the taxi we called to pick up Nanay N and Ate A hadn’t confirmed yet. I called the taxi company and was given the plate number. It was 615am. The taxi’s call time was 7am. Nanay and Ate were preparing their luggages as I was sitting and staring at nothing. I was tired. I dunno why. I was tired just thinking of the things I had to clean :)). At 755am we all went down and waited for the taxi. He was late but it’s ok he seems sorry.

T and I ate breakfast and drank coffee in silence (but in a good way). It was as if we were preparing ourselves for the “battle”. It’s not just dust bunnies I will be facing, it’ll be dust dinosaurs! (that bad!) T was incharge of the laundry, restroom, dirty kitchen and veranda. I was on the other hand incharge of cleaning the 2 rooms, the living room, and the kitchen. I am super OC so I took longer than T did. But he was appreciative of the result and I was glad. Glad and tired.

Peaches isn’t with us since last night. Granny insisted on leaving her with them. We obliged of course. It was for the best. I hate it if she inhaled all the dusts from my cleaning.

Now, I’m sleepy. sleepy and tired. I’ll have my fortywinks but be back after.

Gee, I miss my baby batutot!