>Maybe my destiny to be home alone with Peaches later is a blessing in disguise. I don’t think it’ll be safe to go around later. With careless people throwing firecrackers on the road, possible ear injury from too loud firecrackers, suffocation from smokes  and of course stray bullets! 

Whatever happened to firecrackers and gun bans? 

I think it would be safer to just look over at fireworks from our Penthouse. 

I wonder if other countries celebrate New Year the way we, Filipinos, do it? Do you jump (to grow an inch or two) when New Year strucks? Does your eardrums hurt because of firecrackers? Do you wear polkadots (for prosperity)? Do you throw coins at your doorway (for prosperity again)? Do you have a platter of round fruits in your table (for prosperity again)? Do you honk your cars till the battery dies? 

Whatever you do to welcome the New Year, let me wish you a better one! 🙂